Menu causing error


I recently started making this website :
And when i added the menu on the top, the first section jumps from the left to the right when you scroll down.

And the contact form has a yellow box i can’t seem to remove.

Can anyone help me how i can fix this?


Hi @SoMMedia,
Thanks for reaching out.

It seems the logo width has been set to 150px which is pushing the content into the right. You need to adjust the value according to your header height.

And the issue with the Contact Form has been already reported to our development team and will be updated with the next release. Till then you can use a temporary fix CSS and add this code to your X/Pro > Theme Options then CSS.

.wpcf7 form.init .wpcf7-response-output {
    display: none;

If it does not resolve, please provide login credentials for your site in a secure note to examine it further, including:

– WordPress Site URL & Admin URL
– WordPress Admin username / password

To create a secure note, click the key icon underneath any of your posts.


Hi Tristup,

Thanks for the help, when i change the width to 150px the problem is gone. But then the logo is very small. Is there a way in which the logo can stay 300px and the first section doesn’t move around?

The extra CSS resolved the contact form error.

Hi Sven,

You can still have a width of 300px of your logo but you need to adjust the navbar height, to do that please go to X > Theme Options > Headers

Hope that helps and let us know how it goes.

Thank you.