Menu Bar Color

Hi - is there a way to have the background of th header where the logo is to be a white background and the menu bar a different color. Right now it looks like I have to keep the same color


If you can add some extra css in the options, X/Cornerstone this will change the color of the nav bar:

.x-nav {
background-color: #888888;

Just change #88888 to your color.

Hope it helps you. Regards, Ed Sanders

Thanks - I will add this
What is the CSS to change the background of the footer and the text

I added the css
.x-nav {
background-color: #888888;

The menu background is still white

I got it working - - how to I get the color of the whole menu bar to change and not just where the links are
How do I change the foooter text

Thanks again for all your help

Whole Header Bar:

.x-navbar-wrap {
background-color: silver;

Footer text color:

.x-colophon-content {
color: black;

I think this is what you want.

The footer region bottom I can’t seem to get the code. Perhaps someone else will help. Sorry.

Hi @hitheme164,

To change the footer text, please go to X > Launch > Options > Footer : FOOTER CONTENT.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for helping out @mredsanders :slight_smile:

:smile: always glad to help when I know the answer, I’m good at simple css fixes…Regards, Ed

Thanks for all the css info.
For the footer, I meant how to change the the color of the text and links - not the actual text


Above changes the footer text. To change the footer links, would need to see your site to know the class ID of your footer menu.

Hope it helps you some. Please provide your url so I can look at it.

Regards, Ed

Hey @mredsanders,

Thank you very much for responding in!
We really appreciate it.


Thanks - I am using a test server - http://538.f95.myftpupload.

My client is saying the response time is very slow. I am using the theme for another client and it is fast loading. When you go to this site, the photos show and then there is a time lapse for the the text to show. Compare this to There is no time lapse here for the text to show. I will be buying a new license before I go live but I have to resolve this slow response time before I make it live

Thanks again

Hi again,

This could be due to the shared hosting plan you might have, I’d suggest you to please go through this article to improve your site’s performance.

Hope this helps!

Thanks - I am looking through. When I edit the page using cornetstone, I get a message that the preview is taking too long as their may be a scripting error. I am not getting this error on the other I created using this theme. Do you know what the scripting error could be

Hi again,

I checked your site and there is an error related to TypeKit extension. It looks like you haven’t added the Kit ID. Please make sure you enter a valid ID otherwise it won’t work, for reference please see Try disabling the extension if you don’t have the ID yet. This will remove the error and hopefully the error message too.

Let us know how this goes!

Thanks - I will take care of this. Where did you see the error so i can check for future reference

Hi @hitheme164

Open your page on Chrome or Firefox, then press Ctrl + Shift + I (windows) or Cmd + Opt + I (Mac), the developer tools will show up. Look under the console tab for the error.