Mega menu custom close button

Hi there,
i need a custom close button/icon. is there a way to make that? with a custom attribute or condition or something like that?
thanks in advance

Hi @deranaloge,

Thanks for reaching out.
I would suggest you go through the following thread on a similar topic.

Hope it helps.


perfect thanks! that worked.

now one more question:
if i want to make a native popup with the modal ekement, and i use this custom attribute with the button, will my modal poup be closed as well?
that should not happen.

if everything is closed: is there a way to assign an element, to select it? or an attribute that only closes the element i want?

many thanks in advance

Hello @deranaloge,

You can use any other element like the Button element to open the modal element. Closing the modal popup would be done by the Modal’s close button. You cannot use any other element unless you have added a custom close button in your Modal popup content with the custom attribute data-x-toggle-close and then also used the custom JS as indicated in the thread pointed out by @Tristup.

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hi ruenel,

i got it now, thank you so much!


Hi @deranaloge,

Glad that we are able to help you.


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