Media breakpoints and loading time

I was just wondering how loading time or site speed is affected when you have multiple instances of the same content in different break points.
For example, if I duplicate a section and change it to be optimized for mobile only does it still load when you go to the page on a non mobile device?

Assuming there is a section for XL, L, and M and a duplicate section for S and XS.

Hello @clefler,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Hide During Breakpoints hides the elements visually. However, in an idea scenario it won’t have any major impact on the performance and page load time of the website. Most of the time, performance is impacted by use of substandard hosts, use of unwanted and not properly coded plugins, media files and stuff. In case you wish to learn more we have published a performance optimization guide that you can refer:


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