MCE Update - 3.4

How to update this plugin.
There is a new version of Modern Events Calendar available. I have a 3.4.0 but I can see version 3.4.6 details. Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin.
Are you testing something for these versions?

Hi Francesco,

Thanks for writing in! First of all, make sure that you have validated your X/Pro theme, so that you can enable automatic updates. You can see more information on our product validation guide here (

Then head over to Dashboard -> Updates section to see the available updates.

You can then select the plugin and hit the update button.

The other alternative method is to download all files from your Envato account. Once you unzip the directory, you will see all the latest extensions which you can use to manually update.

Hope that helps.

I’m having the same problem with MEC not providing the ability to update to version 3.4.6. I’m using the latest version of Pro (which is validated) and everything else on the site is updated the latest version.

On the plugins page, the MEC plugin says, “There is a new version of Modern Events Calendar available. View version 3.4.6 details. Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin.” The updates page doesn’t show any updates as being available.

In the past, this behavior has seemed to appear when a plugin presents updates that aren’t actually supposed to be available to us as Themeco customers. Is 3.4.6 of MEC the latest version that’s available to us?

Hello @BertNashCenter,

Please be informed that the latest supported MEC version is only 3.4.0. We are still testing the latest release of the plugin. We need the test for conflict and any issues between the latest version, the theme and the WP core. Once we are done the testing it will be available in Automatic updates from our plugin repository.

By the way, you can check out the latest supported plugins in this knowledge base article:

Thank you for your understanding.

When this has occurred in the past with other plugins, you’ve typically followed up by correcting the issue with the plugin company—so updates don’t show until they’re available for automatic update.

I assume you’ve already submitted this as a bug. Just in case, I’d like to formerly make the request.


Hi @BertNashCenter,

Yes, it’s usually the case as we can’t fix other company’s plugin. But, we can’t always release it right away once they release new versions. And there are two ways to update it, it’s either update from us and update it from them and it would require a license directly from them. And I think it’s intentional for them to display update versions from them to entice users in case they want direct updates. Each plugin has its own update check-system that the theme or us can’t control, which of course, that system is configured for their server. But noted :slight_smile:

Thanks for understanding.

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