Masking URL disables mobile responsiveness

Hello, I’ve got a site that was working as expected until the client changed the domain name the wanted to use. So, nowI have the new URL forwarding to the site. Everything works as expected but when I turn URL masking on so the original URL does not show up in the browser window, the responsiveness disappears and only the desktop layout of the site shows on mobile devices. When I turn off URL masking, responsiveness returns. Is there a way to get responsiveness to work with URL masking on? I would really like to avoid setting up a new website or transferring it just because of a domain name change.

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Hi @tribalry,

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If you can edit the page used for masking (eg. Frameset) then you can implement the responsive feature through <meta> . The problem is, most hosts will not allow that. It’s not actually a domain forwarding since it wraps the source site with frameset (similar to iframe). It’s like a window within a window.

I recommend moving your site to its actual domain than masking it if you wish to have a responsive window.


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