MAP on widgets


I have 4 parts on my footer widgets.
I want to put the map on the 4 th part into a white frame


Hello @Fayssal90,

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You can use the Map element.

Then go to Customize tab and select white background.

And set the paddings same as the values below.

Hope it helps.

hey ,

But i can’t Access to my footer widgets from the cornerstone.
i create my widgets from Wordpress dashbord: Apperance—> widgets .
i have 4 footer widgets where i want to put the map on one of them .


This is my footer widgets :there is only three : logo+adress+phone numbers

The last widgets i want to put the map.


Hi There,

You can add the map shortcode to the text element then add it to the last widget:

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Hey ,

I tried both of this codes none of them works


[google_map lat=“40.7056308” lng"-73.9780035" zoom=“12” zoom_control=“true” drag=“true” height=“45%”][/google_map]

I changed their postion with mine : 33.581771, -7.598020. but the map upload anything,it’s stil all white.

No one here to do support.i asked that more than 12h

this the link of my website


Hello @Fayssal90,

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On my end maps is loading fine on the footer. Suggest you to kindly clear browser cache and try loading website again. Please see screenshot.

After ticket has been created, I request you to wait till someone from support team responds. Once you add reply/update the ticket it goes back into the queue and because of that you may experience slow response time.

Thanks for understanding.

Hey ,
Thanks for your answer.
with this link it works like the scrren that you sent me : its show NEW YORK,-73.985131&sspn=0.022202,0.045276&gl=us&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=New+York&ll=40.714353,-74.005973&spn=0.088852,0.181103&t=m&z=13&output=embed

This is the link that you gave me on the code on the page :

BUT,when i change the link with my position it doesn’t work .you can try the code with my position.and send me the code


Hello @Fayssal90,

Thanks for updating the thread.

The code is working fine. Please see screencast. Can you please confirm the coordinates again?

Here is the code that I have used.

[google_map lat="33.581771" lng"-7.598020" zoom="12" zoom_control="true" drag="true" height="45%"][/google_map]



thanks for your answer
but the code doesn’t work for me
i send 2pic one from the home page and the second from the contact can check by your own :

please look at the map on the footer widgets
i want the footer widgets exactly like the link that you sent to me:

this is my position:33.581773, -7.598046

thanks for your help

Hello there,

You have an error on your console log: Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError.
Click to view screencast.

Please double check your API key again. Here’s Google Maps official documentation that can help you fix this issue:

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your answer.I get the code where should i put it.


Hello @Fayssal90,

Thanks for updating the thread. :slight_smile:

Please use following code:

[google_map api_key="YOURAPIKEY" lat="33.581771" lng"-7.598020" zoom="12" zoom_control="true" drag="true" height="45%"][/google_map]

Please replace YOURAPIKEY with the Google maps API key you have.


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Sorry doesn’t work.Can you please just verify what is the problem:

If i want use this code:


I took it from the link you sent me :

How can i use it with my own position

this is the api code: AIzaSyC2Gp66XJyLWzm8mJlreDdnHs6aqp8uoCo
my position :lat=“33.581771” lng"-7.598020"

can you please give the right code that i should put on the html code on the footer widget that work .


Hello there,

The shortcode [map] can only be used by users who wants their google maps to be running as quickly as possible by embedding. This approach however as a lot of limitations.

I suggest you use [google_map] as it has more features.

Kindly check your shortcode below:

[google_map api_key="AIzaSyC2Gp66XJyLWzm8mJlreDdnHs6aqp8uoCo" lat="33.581771" lng"-7.598020" zoom="12" zoom_control="true" drag="true" height="45%"][/google_map]

Hope this helps.

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