Making sure cornerstone stays updated

I bought X theme which comes with cornerstone. A client wants to use Cornerstone on a different site but decided to switch from X. Since it has already been purchased, can Cornerstone that comes with X be used on the other site? If so, how do I make sure that cornerstone stays up to date because it says that it’s not valid even though it is still active in the licenses.

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You can’t use Cornerstone that comes with X Theme on a different website. For that you will have to purchase a standalone version of Cornerstone from codecanyon.

Please take a look at our validation guide for more information.


I’m in cornerstone and trying to edit that area with the graphic but it won’t let me click back there to change it.

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Are you referring to the image with a silhouette in it? This cannot be edited in Cornerstone. You have to go to X > Theme Options > Layout & Designs > Background options and remove or replace the background image.

Please check out this knowledge base article:

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