Make Floating button on image

Hi how can I make this image float in the photo I tried several ways and it is not working - prefer having image with text overlay and button for mobile as well as desktop thanks!

Hey @businessbackpacker,

To achieve a text and button image overlay, set your image as the section, row or column background. If you’ll be using a row, adjust the Row’s Top and/or Bottom Padding to display more parts of the image.

You can also opt to use a Gap element instead of padding. The Gap element has the advantage of being a responsive spacer. That means you can hide or show the gap depending on screen size using the Hide During Breakpoints feature.

Hope that helps.

Hi Sorry I don’t understand how you got there - this is under the image? Or you insert only a gap and use the photo as a background somehow? My sidebar does not look like this thanks

Hey @businessbackpacker,

I’m sorry I assumed you already know the basics and just need specific direction. So it’s clear, I made a quick screencast to achieve that. Please watch the video below:

I’d recommend that you learn the usage of builder in our Knowledge Base. There’s a bit of learning curve but once you know how to use our builders, you will be able to build different designs.

Hope that helps.

Hi I just don’t know where your screen is - and the video doesn’t load it just says uploading video…

Hey @businessbackpacker,

The video is still uploading. It’ll take maybe an hour. Please check this thread back after 1 hour.


Here’s the screencast:

I think this actually doesn’t work bc you didn’t visit the site to see I am using the agency theme and the setup you are showing is not available. I figured it out myself but next time if you could just visit the site and see what theme then it would save a lot of confusion. I know how to do how you are showing but the tools you have in yours are not visible from the Agency format.

Hi @businessbackpacker,

Our apologies for that we’re glad to hear it is sorted.


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