Major LearnDash issues

My shortcodes are not working for non-admin users and I cannot access the builder. I’ve tried reverting to Pro 2.5.5 but when I do, the styling on all my pages gets super messed up. I don’t know what is a Pro issue, vs a cornerstone issue. It also seems like the shortcodes only display on admin accounts (see examples below. Admin accounts have WP admin bar at top. The other is a basic subscriber). I’m using memberpress to manage memberships. I’ve deactivated WP Cerber so hopefully there are not issues with login info in the secure note. On the "my account page under my courses there should be a course. I NEED LearnDash for my site. Help!!! —Also, please let me know how I can change my Apex profile information. The email address on file is no longer active and I am not able to get notifications when support replies to my tickets.

Hello Julian,

Thanks for writing in!

“My shortcodes are not working for non-admin users and I cannot access the builder”.
Are you using the builder to create the LearnDash pages? Please make sure that builder were allowed to edit the Learndash pages. You may need to go to Pro > Settings > Permissions. Please also make sure that the roles were allowed to edit the LearnDash pages.

Please see the secure note for your profile issues.

I am not able to update the preferences from “Enforce Text Only”.

Hi Julian,

The Pro or cornerstone has no limiting capability for user roles. The only user role configuration it has is for itself and should not affect other aspects of the site like 3rd party shortcodes.

And learndash is never fully compatible since older versions, at least not yet.

Though, the builder should be loaded even on subscriber role since you allowed it on Pro settings. Would you mind creating a staging of your site? I like to uninstall and install to see what’s going on with builder roles without affecting your live site. But I can’t guarantee if it will fix the Leardash shortcode issue as well, it might be the user role configuration is corrupted and it happens that both Learndash and Pro builder are affected.


Hi, I also went ahead and change the username and email. Thanks!

Yes please use staging site

Hi Julian,

May I know other role that is allowed for the admin but unable to use the builder? It’s because the reason it’s not working for Subscriber role is because it’s not permitted to access the admin.

The builder roles are only for builder features and it has no connections for other restrictions applied outside it. Like which builder elements, options, or vice versa are accessible from specific user. But if a role is completely blocked sitewide, or admin-wide, it will not really able to access any resources.

I also tried the LearnDash and it works fine, it displays the shortcode output when Pro is active. But as you said, it’s only for admin account hence I need to know which role other than Subscriber, I only see Subscriber and Admin role there.


I figured out why some users were not able to see LearnDash content. That was a MemberPress permissions issue. And I figured out why my staging site wasn’t working - that was a staging site plugin settings issue. The only issue I am still having on the site, is creating and editing courses in LearnDash using the plugin’s Builder (which is actually the only way to edit the courses). In order for the builder to load, I need to revert to Pro 2.5.5. You can find the LearnDash “Builder” at Dashboard>LearnDash LMS>Self Studies>Trust Your Gut (hover) >Builder. It tries to load for a second then nothing shows up. It should load a large drag and drop table where I can rearrange course sections and files.

Hey Julian,

It’s good to know that you have figured it out a way to correct the said issue.
Please don’t hesitate to create another thread if your need some help with other issues.

Best Regards.

There is still a big issue on the back end as described in the post recent post… The learndash builder is incompatible with the new Pro. Please read previous message fully.

Hi Julian,

Ah, you’re referring to a different builder. I thought you’re referring to Pro builder.

Unfortunately, there is no fix for that as of now, that builder is using the same REACT library which then has conflict with Pro’s REACT library. It is similar to two plugins that uses same library but the other one is outdated or customized and they can’t be active at the same time.

Since REACT library is a big part or feature of our theme too then it’s something we can just remove, but noted this conflict.


Is this a pro issue or a cornerstone issue? When I revert to Pro 2.5.5 (downloaded directly from Apex) it goes back wayyyy further than my version from 10/1/2019 and messes up a lot of the blocks and doesn’t give me typeface options. Part of me feels like this is a cornerstone issue. Can I get links to older cornerstone versions and install instructions? Can you provide a link to the newest PRO package that does not include REACT?

ALSO, what is your suggestion related to using child themes while I’m having issues with versioning? I don’t see options for downloading older versions of child themes. It seems like the only way I can use the LearnDash builder is by activating an older version of Pro. If this become the standard, how likely is it that I corrupt files, etc while developing back and forth between the two pro versions. This is definitely not how is like to do things.

ALSO ALSO, I will put a ticket in with LearnDash. What should I tell them? I’m not familiar with REACT

Hi Julian,

Let me give some context here to avoid confusion.

The Cornerstone plugin is part of the X theme ecosystem. You have the Pro theme, so you can forget about the Cornerstone plugin as it is irrelevant to this conversation.

The Pro theme and the X theme were not compatible with LearnDash in the first place, and we do not support the compatibility between two.

The problem is not from Pro and not from LearnDash, in my humble opinion. This is a conflict between the two, and the underlying reason is the incompatible versions of the ReactJs library, which is used on both products.

The Pro theme is heavily dependant on the ReactJs library for the builder, and I don’t think we will be able to change that for the reason of being compatible with the LearnDash plugin. I also believe that the LearnDash plugin developer won’t change their version of the ReactJs, but worths the try and ask them.

There are two major versions of Pro, 2, and 3. The conflict for builders is in version 3. If you want to use the LearnDash builder, you need to use version 2. The latest iteration of version 2 is 2.5.5, which you already mentioned that is not compatible with your shortcodes, and the front end is problematic.

The only viable solution which is honestly not that impressive is to do as follows:

  • Install a maintenance mode plugin that you can activate whenever you want to use the LearnDash Builder.
  • Switch the theme from Pro to another one. I suggest a simple one, such as Twenty Sixteen. Please do not use old/new versions of Pro as it might cause a whole lot of other problems.
  • Do the change in the LearnDash Builder while the theme is not Pro.
  • Switch back to Pro.
  • Disable the Maintenance plugin.

You can use our Under Construction bundled plugin for the maintenance mode purposes.

I know this will be a time-consuming way to use the theme, but honestly, I don’t see any other way to go about using the incompatible LearnDash and Pro together.

I do advise against having both versions on the Pro while you have heavy customization of the Child Theme.

If you want to add a ticket for LearnDash, just inform them that their version of the ReactJs library is not compatible with the Pro theme builder ReactJs library version.

Thank you for your understanding.

OK thank you for all of that. That was super clear and I am very appreciative you took the time to explain all of that. Thank you.

You’re most welcome!

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