M.E.C. Booking Module not working

Hi there,

after setting up an event with all informations it looks good on the frontend.
But if i w ant took the event, i receive this error message:

Can anybody give me a hint, what might be wrong?

Thanks a lot!

Hi there,

Thanks for writing around! Can you please let us know the error message in English so we can take a look? I tried translating the error but it doesn’t work. In the mean time please follow https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/extension-modern-event-calendar/10218


Hi There,

thanks for you answer!

“Ungültige Anforderung” means “bad Request”…

Hello There,

Is your site live or this is just a staging ground? Maybe we can switch the language to English so that we can easily find out the cause of the issue and that we could easily provide a resolution. At the moment, we are having a difficulty of understanding the errors or the MEC panel since it is not in English.

Thank you in advance.

Hi there,

the site is a staging ground and you can switch to English. Can switch back to German, when you have found out the error? Thanks!

And by the way, there is another little problem i have: At the moment everything is in German except the Comments and the Search function. I already tried to change this with Poedit but i failed…

Thanks for your help!

Hey @bernbeam,

I tried your credentials in the sites you’ve posted in your other threads but it does not work. Please give us the login address. Also, please remember to post credentials in a Secure Note.


Hello There,

May we ask your permission if we can disable all the caching plugin? And maybe we can disable CloudFlare caching to so that all the changes can easily take place on the front end. And besides, Caching is best turn on when you are done creating/building the site.

By the way, could you please also explain how did you translate the site? Did you use the .pot file and uploaded in which location?

Thank you in advance.

Hi There,

yes, please go ahead with disabling the caching plugin and CloudFlare.
As i am not very familiar with W3 so far may i ask if i should understand your advice in the way that i should leave W3 disabled until i am done with building the site?

About the translation and .pot file i would like to come back o you a little later.

Thank you very much!

Hi there,

Thank you, we disabled the W3 Cache and yes please keep it disabled till you finish the development and make sure every change you do is actually reflected in the front end of the website, Then at the end of the project you can work on the optimization.

I have a hard time to find the correct path to test the booking module case. Would you please help me to get to the error? Give me the steps I should take and which event to check and what to do to get the error.

Also, I wonder if you succeeded to go to Bookings menu directly from the dashboard and add one for testing?

Also, make sure that you checked this video: http://webnus.net/dox/modern-event-calendar/#line10_3

Thank you.

Hi There,

thanks for disabling W3 and your advice!

This is the link to an event, where you can see the issue:

Now, if you go to “Book event” and then to “Next” you will receive the error message.

I do not understand what you mean with going to the booking menu directly from the dashboard.
Anyway, i just did set up a test event, and it is the same here.

Thank you very much!

Hi again,

When I unchecked the Unlimited option under Total Booking Limits, everything started to work fine. This looks like a settings issue.

Now clear your browser’s cache and test the event again. Let us know how this goes!

Hi There,

It is working now, looks good!
I changed back to German now.

Sorry for bothering you, because i made the wrong setting and thanks again for your help!

We are delighted to assist you with this.


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