Lost all images with v2 Elements upgrade

Hello, I upgraded Pro and now it seems all my images are lost, as they were in the Classic Format, and I must relink every single image on the website. How can this be?!?! So far, I’ve gone in and re-linked a bunch of images on the Home page, and a few on the About Us pages, but I’m realizing that the images are not appearing when I click to view other pages. What is going on? I will provide the login credentials privately.


I browse through your pages and I can see the images.

Can you provide us the exact url of the page where we can see the issue of missing images.

For the mean time try to clear your browser cache and check again.


Thanks for your very quick response! The reason why you can see most of the images is because I could not bear having missing images on the site, so was manually re-inserting around the time that I had messaged you. However, there are a few pages that I have not yet touched as they are less urgent, so I’ll leave them with the blank images for you to see what’s happening:


http://terracana.ca/pile-options/helical-micropiles/ (There is a background banner image that should appear in the hero section at the top of this page.)

Actually, I just noticed it happening right before my eyes. The images appear fine, but once I click into the editor for Pro, the images all disappear and I have to relink it. I have 2 monitors and on 1 screen, I am signed out of Wordpress, and it appears fine:

But when I’m signed in to Wordpress and viewing the page through the new Pro v2 Elements editor, the banner image and 2 main content images are erased:

Now when I refresh the page on the first screen, none of the images are showing (because once I viewed them through the Editor, the images are removed or the link is broken).

Can you let me know what’s happening? It’s causing lots of headache, as not only do I have to relink every single image on the website, but I can’t remember which images were inserted on each page (luckily for this particular page I have the screen capture). But for the other pages I don’t have any digital trail.

One thing that has happened is the site has been moved to a new host with SSL, so the URL has changed to httpS but I’m using relative URLs (not absolute). So the problem baffles me and it seems that there’s a bug… Your advice would be appreciated!

Now that I know that you respond so quickly, I’ll be sure to check my email more frequently.

Update: There was an error on my staging site (which is on another host) due to the MOD_ERROR which my web host has fixed by whitelisting me (it was triggered by some Apache firewall). Anyways, my staging site (terracana.priscillathen.com) appears now, which seems to have also fixed the issue on my client’s site. I think the reason is because all the images on the client site that weren’t appearing properly, because the URL was linking to the staging site. But once the issue on my staging site was resolved, then the images on the client site (httpS://terracana.ca) now appear.

I will still have to manually relink all the missing images. Anyway that was such a strange dilemma!

Hi there,

Glad that you have managed to know the cause of this issue. The other point which is important is that the Pro editor or the Cornerstone uses the home_url function to store the base URL of all assets.

That is the URL which you set in the Settings > General menu. So you can use that to make sure you have the correct URL set. If you use a staging tool of the Siteground please read the last part of this article:

Also, regarding the https I suggest that you use the Search and Replace plugin to search all of the database entries and change all references of the http to https that will prevent unexpected results:

Thank you.

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