Looper Provider Question

Is it possible to create a looper provider from one post type, and call the info from an ACF relationship field in another?

Explanation… two post types, X and Y.

Post Type X, has an ACF relationship field, which includes Y when they relate.

On Y’s layout, I would like to have a provider that shows all X posts that has Y in them.

I hope what I am asking makes sense. I tried with wp-query, and dynamic a bit, but couldn’t figure it out.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @xRae,

Thanks for reaching out.
I would suggest you go through the following article on a similar topic.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for digging those up, but I did find those in a search. Unfortunately, neither are quite what I am looking to do.

I need to list all posts of X on Y’s layout. The issue is I am trying to grab the looper info by using X’s ACF relationship field. I probably have to write some php, and hook it. I was just trying to avoid it if I could.

Hello @xRae,

You can use a Query String Looper Provider which you can a custom query string to return X post that has a custom meta or ACF or taxonomy where it relates to Y post. Please check out this codex:

You would need to have knowledge of the custom post type relationship to be able to get the right query string. if you are not familiar, you may need to contact a 3rd party developer since what you are trying to do is beyond the scope of our support already.

Best Regards.

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Exactly what I was looking for. This helped make it work. Thanks a ton!

You are most welcome @xRae

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