Looper issue with WPML

Hey team,
Thanks for great work.

I have an issue with the first item in the looper on translated pages by WPML.

Please see
Original source page (in polish):

and here is translated

This happens site wide:

I am trying to figure this out for a while but it seems like the loop entry might have an issue.

My dev site is under different ip, so you wont be able to open it - I can provide instructions.

Thank you

Here is are the looper settings:

Hey @3hugg3r,

It looks like WPML has an extra child page that Pro is just outputting. You can skip first page by setting the Looper Provider offset to 1.


Hi @christian,
Unfortunately this is not extra.

In the original page you can there are 5 items and in translated there are 4 (with offset).
I need all of the children to be included - my whole website is based on the looper.

This happens on all the translated content. Please look deeper into this and let me know if you need ssh access.

Thank you

Thanks for taking your time to look into this bug.

Hey @3hugg3r,

You only set the Offset in the translated pages where that mysterious “extra” page by WPML exist. I saw that your original page has 5. I’m referring to your translated pages. They don’t share the same page builder data so you can set the Offset in the translated page.

I’ll post this in our issue tracker so this will be queued to be investigated by our development team. While we don’t have a concrete solution, please use the Offset workaround for the translated pages.

Please note that we cannot say that this is a bug yet. Our development team will be the one to determine that.

Thank you for understanding.

Thanks for checking that for me.

You obviously are right and that one page was not translated.

So now on every translation on every looper I have to manually offset the first mysterious item? (I have hundreds of loopers hahahaaha).

Again thanks for checking this for me.

Hey @3hugg3r,

That is currently regretfully the case.

I was thinking about it for a while and I believe this should have a bug status. I honestly have 100s of loopers and I will translate my page to multiple languages which makes me rework the whole page multiple times.

Please let me know know what do you think? This is one of the major issues I have at the moment - everything else works great. I would rather wait for update then manually update each of my loppers.

Please let me know.

Hey Andre,

As previously said:

Please kindly wait for our development team to get to the issue. Once they declare this as a bug, it’s likely to get fixed.


Thank you,
How can I be updated on the issue?

Hey @3hugg3r,

I highly suggest checking our status page from time to time to check if your issue was already addressed. I also believe that one of our developers will comment on this thread once they determine this is a bug.

Thank you.

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