Long time between feature updates

I want to start by saying that I have been using X Theme Pro on 20+ websites since 2015 and love the theme. The updates over the last 2 years (page templates, loopers, etc) have made a huge difference in how we can create websites.
However, I am a little concerned about how quiet the developers have been over the last several months. Even small theme updates for bugs have been slow (that may be a good thing though given WordPress’s ‘death by constant plugin updates’).
A more active blog would help us get excited about future theme developments.

Hey @innovatek,

Thanks for writing in! Our developers are busy testing the upcoming release version of theme. You can check out our Monthly Reports here in our Blog to know more about the upcoming features and status of the updates:

By the way, we are already doing Beta testing. A release candidate will be out soon. If you would like to test the beta version, please check this out:

Best Regards.

I appreciate the quick response. My concern wasn’t so much about the platform, just we haven’t heard much about developments. As I mentioned, the product is great. Maybe you are showing more on your social media channel? Would love to see more on the blog we can follow along with.

Hi Ken,

I will forward your feedback to our Moderator so that he can relay the message to the person in charge with our social media channels.


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