Long-Standing Pro Bugs.....To Be in Fixed in Roadmap?

Are there plans, short term or long term, to fix long-standing bugs within the Pro editor? Namely:

  1. The double click glitch. This is when you double click a text element in the editor preview and it suddenly moves your mouse cursor down and either a) moves the element with it, or b) enters inline editing for the wrong element. This bug has existed for 2 years.

  2. The no-save-no-alert bug. Sometimes when a Pro editing window is left open, WordPress times out the admin login, but Pro never passes this on or makes the user aware. So what happens is, they spend 10-20 mins editing the page, hit SAVE only to watch the green line go to the end and sit there…the page cannot be saved. You must reload the page, losing all your work, to regain editing abilities. While WordPress makes this event known immediately by throwing up the login screen, Pro seemingly blocks this from showing so there’s no indication the editor is essentially dead until a reload. This bug has existed since Pro 1.0.

We’ve encountered both bugs hundreds of times over the years on every website and device we work with. They are easily reproducible. Would be super cool if you could squash these as they are quite significant.

Hi @co50,

Thanks for letting us know your investigation report. For the first, I suspect this could be a bug on the latest version theme only, and have reported it to the developers for further investigation. For the second one, it might be the session issue that forcefully logged out even if you are editing through the builder, I will still check and will add it to our issue tracker if anything found.



As I indicated, the first bug is not unique to this version of Pro as we’ve experienced it for 2 years.

For the second bug, I don’t think you are understanding what I said. Regardless of the reason WordPress logs you out, Pro doesn’t pass thing notice along or show that is has happened.

Hi @co50,

This issue was already reported in our issue tracker and we don’t have any estimated time /roadmap when this will be implemented.

Thank you.