Logo on header

I’m struggling with putting my logo on the header. When I go to Appearance -> customize, there is no place to upload a logo. Only an icon. When I go to Theme Options -> Header -> logo, I’ve uploaded a logo, both in inline and stack but neither option showed a logo on the header… Don’t know what I’m missing… The current logo on the site, I uploaded by creating a container on the header and adding an image element. But I can’t seem to place it to the far left of the header, nor do I want this option… I thank you in advance for your help…

Hello Fernando,

Thanks for writing in!

The Site Icon that you may upload in Appearance > Customize is for the browser tab.

The Logo Image in Cornerstone > Theme Options > Headers will only be displayed if you are using the default headers of the Pro theme. Now, I can see that you are using the custom header which you have created in Cornerstone > Header Builder. You need to use the Image element in one of your containers to have a Logo Image in your custom header.

If you want it to display in the far left of the header, you should be having a 100% for the Width and Maximum Width of your Bar element settings.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

Thank you very much… I think I 'll stick with the custom header… Thanks for the awesome support!

Hi Fernando,

Glad that we are able to help you.