Localhost Installation

I plan to do this:

  • Install X Theme on my localhost server so I can develop the site (Staging)
  • When done, I plan to transfer the theme to the production server

What is the best way to do this? I want to be sure to validate my license properly and not cause any future problems for myself. I’ve searched forums, but have not found any helpful answers. :disappointed:

I am using MAMP for hosting WP locally, and a standard Apache install for production.

Hello @rareyman,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Sure thing, you can setup the dev environment in localhost and then move over to production server. You will first need to setup Virtual Host. To do that, please watch following video tutorial:


After that you can proceed with validation. Please take a look at following article for product validation:

As you are going to move the website from localhost to live server, please take a look at our migration guide:

Let us know how it goes.


I will try it out and report back! Thanks!

Hi @rareyman,

Let us know how it goes.


Hey there, I tried everything, mentioned in this thread! I was kind of successful putting up the vhost, now how do i install wordpress on it.

Hi there,

Please check the video linked on this thread and on the 11:19, there will be the local directory where your site files will be placed and the virtual URL.

You will have to place the Wordpress files in the directory you created then access it through the virtual URL you assigned.

Please check this link on how to install Wordpress:


Hope this helps.

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