Local to Live Site - Validation not working (Can't upload XCS)

“Uploaded file was not valid XCS export”.

Trying to validate my live site after uploading it from local development site.

To be honest, I always have trouble loading my sites and I don’t think I am going to work locally any more for that reason.

But X theme has made it especially complicated.

I am following the instructions here to validate: theme.co/apex/forum/t/moved-settings-but-site-isnt-working/2747

I found the XCS.php file in my local x theme folder.

I tried uploading via the importer and the Overviews page of X.


I should mention that the site is actually working, so I am not sure why I am getting a message that I need to validate.

Hi There,

How are you importing your website? Have you tried the plugin ALL IN ONE MIGRATION? It works flawlessly with X.

With PRO I would recommend you duplicator instead.

If you keep facing issues after that, please provide your login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.

Thank you

Well, it has all pretty much been uploaded. I did it manually as best as I could. I have tried to use duplicator with a different site and that did not work. I have never heard of all in one migration but I will look into it next time.

It took me 5 hours to get my site up and I would rather not tear it down and start again. There is no easier way to just add my code? I do not intend to ever edit locally again so I may just delete the validation on my local site and that way I can use it on my live site. Is that doable?

Hi there,

I’ve checked your licenses page and it seems that the purchase code is set correctly and pointing to the site which I added in Secure Note.

You just need to do the product validation process using the guide below:

Thank you.

I just decided to completely eliminate the validation code from my local build and only use it on the live site.

I will try that All In One Migration plugin and if it works then I will go back to MAMP, but I have decided that I am pretty much done editing in a local environment.

Thanks for your help.


Let us know how it goes and feel free to ask us again.