Literally Nothing Works Right

I’ve tried several things that don’t work right. But for the sake of time, I’ll just explain two. I tried to make a slider with Revolution Slider. I downloaded a free one from the link you supplied in the knowledge base. When I import it, regardless of whether I choose “overwrite” or “append” because I tried them both, it give me the slider but the images inside it are just grey. The gray images are supposed to be an actual computer, a real pen, and an actual notebook. But they are just gray shapes instead and I can’t use the slider.
Also, I tried to set up demo content. I followed the instructions in knowledge base and choose Revolution 5. In my pages section, I wound up with just a home page – no other pages. When I open up that page and hit preview, this is what I see:

I suppose the Visual Composer is this WPBakery Page Builder plugin. I open that up and just get a blank. A big bunch of nothing. Obviously, I can’t work with this page, and I have no other pages or posts or anything from my demo set up. I’ve repeated the demo set up a couple times thinking something went wrong with the installation but this is still what I wound up with.
I suspect this theme is just WAY WAY WAY too complicated for me. I thought it was for people who can’t code and everything was labeled as being just so super easy and awesome. But, no. I couldn’t even get the Under Construction plugin to do anything for me. It didn’t give me any pages to choose from. I tried to go to “Cornerstone” to make a page like it suggested, but Cornerstone was not giving me any option to do that. It looked like it just took me to Cornerstone’s demo page or something. I deactivated Cornerstone, since I have no idea what it does anyway. Now I suspect I want it to be activated but I get this:
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare cs_generate_data_attributes() (previously declared in /home/leahp299/public_html/ in /home/leahp299/public_html/ on line 169
Anyway, now when you go to my site at it seriously looks like this last image I just gave you. I can’t get anything done. At all.

Hi There,

Thank you for writing in, X theme requires the Cornerstone, please reactivate it and make sure it is the latest version (2.1.7).

The reason why you’re seeing a lot of shortcodes on your pages is that you deactivated the Cornerstone.

You should able to edit your pages in Cornerstone.

Please watch the Cornerstone Introduction here to see how it works.

If you can not open the Cornerstone, please navigate to Plugins panel, deactivate and delete your current Cornerstone version. Then navigate to X > Overview from there X should automatically re-install the right version of Cornerstone. Then navigate back to Plugins panel to activate it.

About this error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare cs_generate_data_attributes() (previously declared in /home/leahp299/public_html/ in /home/leahp299/public_html/ on line 169

That error is caused by an old version of Video Lock extension. Please deactivate and delete all your X Extensions, and re-install them from X > Overview > Extension (install only the extension that you need).

Please provide us the direct link of that demo slider so we can take a look on it.

X Theme has 2 types of demos, the Standard Demos (which the renew 5 demo is) will only import the Theme Options settings, the home page layout and place-holder images for you to change.

While the Expanded Demos will import everything.


If you have any Caching plugins please clear and deactivate it for now, while you’re still developing the site.

Please let us know if you have further questions.

Hope it helps,

It helps - thank you so much for your thoughtful and thorough reply. I’m not worried about that slide anymore because to hell with slides, that’s why. :grin: They are bad for SEO. I will do all the rest of your suggestions and see what happens. I imported Agency so if I can do your suggestions and see some improvements, I’ll take another crack at it. Otherwise, I think this theme is just way too advanced for me. I had no idea it would be this difficult. I’m just a freelance copywriter, not a WP designer or coder. But I’m crossing my fingers, hoping for a good outcome!

Hi There,

Glad we were able to help :slight_smile:

You can always check our knowledge base area, which you can find detailed information for the most cases (


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