Links are not crawlable for certain menus

Google site speed complains about that several of my menus are not crawlable and that the href is missing in the a-tag (just for the icon itself I suppose)
Why is google complaining in the first place? There is no href for opening the menu, but does google understand to dig deeper in the menu itself or does it stop there?

Hello @rms_webpsykologen,

Thanks for writing in! Those shown in the screenshot are not links. They are anchors that needs to be triggered when opening a modal or off-canvas. Google analyzes the page and look for links to be crawled. Any links inside the modal or off-canvas can still be seen by the crawler bot. It just returns a warning for the anchors.

Best Regards.

Thanks for fast reply. I understand they are not links but strange that google complains in the first place. Google should know better, right?

Hi @svensson,

As my colleague says that any link can be crawled by the Google, and that is why it crawls the links. I would suggest you ignore it.


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