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I noticed once I added a text to link to a page the text turned to red. I would still like the text to be white but with a darked red over when hovered. How would I do that?

I noticed there is a fine grey line under the nav bar but once you scroll down it’s gone? Not sure how it got there but how can I get rid of that?

How can I change the font in the accoridan and make the font bigger/ bolder?

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Hi Justin,

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1.To change default site link colors, please head over to X -> Theme Options -> Typography -> Site Links section.

2.To remove the line under navbar, try adding the following CSS rule into your X -> Theme Options -> CSS area.

.x-navbar {
    border-bottom: none;

3.You can increase base font size within your Accordion element.

To change fonts, please review our Font Manager guide ( and set a font that you would like. Then you should be able to access it within Header tab of Accordion element and set the font.

Hope that helps.

They grey line is still there

Hi again,

I tried to check your site but it’s under construction. You can try replacing the previous code with the following one:

.x-navbar {
    border-bottom: 0 !important;
    box-shadow: none !important;

If you would like to learn CSS, I am sharing few resources that you take a look to get started with CSS and an interesting tool that you can use to speed up the development process.

I recommend you to watch following video that will help you to get started with CSS.

Sometimes it can get a bit difficult to find out the right selector to be able to write the required CSS codes. A handy tool that can help you in this is Google Chrome dev tools. I am sharing the resource that you can refer to get started with dev tools.

Hope this helps!

It’s still there. you can see on my faq page… Its only there and once you scroll it goes away. sending you permissions in a note

Hi again,

Thanks for the credentials. I checked your page and the line you see is actually breadcrumbs bar which is hidden under the navbar. That could be due to the latest version of Cornerstone is being used with the outdated version of X. Always make sure to update both X and Cornerstone to the latest version to avoid such conflicts and potential errors. You can find the latest version numbers here: ( Then you can compare them to what’s installed on your site.

If you find anything to be out of date, you can review our update guide.

Let us know how this goes!

instead of doing that… is there a way to just change the color from grey to black to match the nav bar

Hello There,

If you want to change the color from grey to black, simply go to X > Theme Options > Typography > Body &and Content and set the Body Font Color to black.

Please let us know how it goes.

It is still not working and it says my x theme is updated. the grey line wont go away.

Hi @fortknoxusa,

That’s your breadcrumb and it’s currently under the header. You can disable your breadcrumb in Theme Options > Header > MISCELLANEOUS > Breadcrumb.


It worked, thank you so much!

You’re welcome.

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