Link Colour Disappears When Clicked (mob)

Hi, sorry, this wasn’t resolved:

I click the outbound link, it takes me to site then I go back to post but the colour has disappeared so it is hard to find the link again.

It appears to reappear when I click a separate outbound link.

The subheadings shouldn’t be coloured anyway because they are not links.

Many thanks,

Hi Gemma,

Thanks for writing in! Upon checking your site URL assigned to this Themeco account, I see that you’re using older version of X theme and Cornerstone plugin on your site. You can see the latest version information from the following link ( and update accordingly ( and re-test your issue again.

If you’re using a caching plugin, please make sure to clear all caches before testing your site. You can refer to the following resource if required (

If you’re still having issues, please provide us with an example page URL that you have setup outbound links, to assist you further.


Here’s is the message in my dashboard?

Your themes are all up to date.

Hi There,

  1. Can you please try switching back to the Twenty Nineteen theme to check if the issues still persist?

  2. Also turn off all the 3rd party plugin to test for plugin conlficted.

  3. If it still doesn’t help, please provide us with login credentials(by clicking on the Secure Note button at the bottom) so we can take a closer look? To do this, you can make a post with the following info:

  • Link login to your site
  • WordPress Admin username / password


I switched to Twenty Nineteen and the issue persisted.

Hi Gemma,

If the issue persist even on default theme, this means it is not because of X theme.

I did try again. For example this page:
On that page I clicked this link
<a href="" rel="nofollow" style="outline: none;">the Cabin Zero</a>
When I go back the link is still blue. Yes, when I click, and while still processing the link, it goes black. To avoid that, try this CSS:

.single-post a:hover{
    color: rgb(51,102,255) !important;

Hope this helps.

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