Lightbox pop up with buttons

I’m trying to get a button to do a lightbox that offers three other buttons for locations. You can find what I’m looking for here: Just click “Book Your Party”

I’ve looked through this page and I’m lost as to how to make a button to work with a lightbox using PRO.

I want the “Book Your Party” Button to open a lightbox and in those 3 buttons to say “Chicago” “Naperville” “Libertyville” is the page I’m working in. The client doesn’t want the three locations images that I have currently on the page. They want the lightbox button and won’t back down on this. So I want to put the button in the left column of the row with the kid image halfway down.

I hope this all makes sense.

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Hi There,

Although you could achieve that using the lightbox I would recommend using ConvertPlus addon as I think it will be easier to setup the same effect.

You can find ConvertPlus at Wp-admin > X

And here you find a tutorial on how to launch it from a button

Hope it helps!

I’ve been playing around with CovertPlus and I’m not seeing a way to create 3 buttons like I originally mentioned above. Everything is premade and even creating one, I can’t find where to create these buttons.

Anyother help?

Hi There,

You can use a Blank Modal and add X Button Shortcodes or html code to the modal instead.

If you decide to use the lightbox you also can, I would recommend creating a page with header and footer.

Add a button on Cornerstone and link to the page you have created.

Add a class to your button on Cornerstone, for example launcher

Add a raw code element to your page and add the lightbox selector.

[lightbox selector="launcher"]

Hope it helps

Ok, I think I’ve got it. you can view it on, button that says “choose your location”.

however, I can’t get the popup button links to open in a new tab.

NVM. had a misspelling. Got it working now.

Glad to hear that :slight_smile: