Lightbox for Classic Image


I wanted to know whether the Classic Image element has a lightbox functionality, or is there a way to add images that aren’t in a gallery, and have them open in a lightbox gallery?


You can activate lightbox to a classic image by adding ligthbox shortcode.

Kindly refer to the links below

Hope that helps.

I added the lightbox shortcode to the image using the tutorial found here, but it doesn’t open the image within a lightbox, instead, it links to the attachment file. Am I doing something wrong?


Please make sure the lightbox selector corresponds to your image class.

Can you provide us your site url so we can take a closer look.


Hey @Jacqui,

I see the lightbox code you placed inside a Raw Content element. That should not happen. Please give us WP Admin access so we could check what’s wrong. For the meantime, can you try adding the shortcode to a Text element for testing?


Hi There,

The ligthbox seems to be working here:

Please clarify.


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