Lightbox feature

Does this theme have something similar to a lightbox feature where if you click on a link a lightbox will appear where I can add a poster and description? please see screen shots below. Thanks

Hello Salim,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

If you would like to have lightbox similar to shared screenshot then I suggest you to take a look at ConvertPlus plugin which can be installed from Pro > Validation > Extensions. Here’s some resources that you can take a look to get started.


Hi there.

I’ve tried following these instructions for images that I have placed in a Classic Block Grid – but when the images are clicked, instead of the popup modal identified by class coming up, the user is redirected to the image URL.

Any suggestions for fixing this? I’m banging my head on the wall at this point.

Howdy @jwareconsulting,

Another option you might want to consider using for the type of example you’ve mentioned is Pro’s native Content Area Modal Element. You can style the button trigger however you want and place any sort of content within the modal. Keep in mind you will need to setup the structure/styling of the modal content yourself, but it provides you with a blank canvas to setup things as you wish.

We have a video on utilizing these Elements here that you can watch to get some ideas:

Also, you may wish to check out some of our videos here on things like the anchors to see how you can apply some styling options:

Hopefully this helps to point you in the right direction, cheers!

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