Licensing While Learning and Playing Around

Hi there! I purchased my license to X-Theme several months ago with the intention of learning WordPress for some projects I have coming up that require customers to log in and update content periodically. I’m not much of a WordPress designer, I prefer straight HTML5 static content sites that I update myself, but it is something I need to learn.

Anyhow, I want to create a local sandbox environment on MY computer to use for testing and toying with WordPress, and the X-Theme in particular. I’ve got all that setup, but I don’t know how to proceed in terms of licensing. I want to have the full abilities of the theme at my command, even in my local setup, but I don’t want to “waste” the single license I own on a dummy or “test” deployment.

How can I best accomplish my goals, which are to validate my license for local use to access ALL the features and plugins, without hindering my ability to actually use that license legally on a later project?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Scott,

On each license, you can validate 1 production site and 1 staging site. Please access your license here. You can add your local sandbox URL on the staging sites against the license.

Hope this helps.

Thanks! Is it also possible to revoke a license, so that it can be reused on a different site? For example, if I test and deploy on one site, and then end up not using it on that site, can I revoke it from that site and then apply it to a totally different one? Or is that just a function of changing the production and staging values in that license area to the appropriate new site?

Hey Scott,

Changing the Product and Staging domains automatically revokes the domain you’ve previously assigned to your license.

For more details, please read our Product Validation documentation at

Hope that helps.

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