License Will Not Permanently Validate

I just changed my domain on my website and have to re-validate the license. I first went into manage licenses on my Themeco account and changed the production domain. Then went to validate it on my website, and it says it worked but then requires it again. I see many other people had the same issue and you guys fixed it somehow. By the way, I did use Go Live Update URLs to swap out all instances of the old domain with the new one.

I’ve had this issue before as well. Themeco logged in once a fixed it, and other times I’ve just waited a few days, tried again and it worked. Pretty annoying issue, wish they could address this for good.

Your site is validated.

Frankly I wish we could recreate this one ourselves. I tried in a private a session to see if that would work, but it validated and stayed validated unfortunately. To confirm we are on /wp-admin/admin.php?page=x-addons-home this admin page when this issue happens?

Yes, the URL is correct. I tried logging in with the account I gave you in incognito and it was giving me the issue, too. So weird, but it is validated now, so thank you.

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Don’t mention it. Have a great day.

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