License will not deactivate (local development)

After leaving development of a site for a while I’ve come back to start using Pro for my next site project. I have just installed a fresh version of Wordpress locally using DesktopServer (ServerPress) and installed the latest version of Pro. I have logged into my Apex/Themeco dashboard and deactivated the license (clicked the key icon) and it says ‘waiting for transfer’ but I can not license my new local site as my local install says ‘Your code is valid but looks like it has already been used on another site. You can revoke and re-assign within your Themeco account.’ when I try and input my registration key.

Please help!

Hi Phill,

Thanks for writing in!

Seems like you have unlocked the license which is for transfer not for validation.
Please lock it again and add the local site URL properly, then try to revalidate it.
I have locked the license for you, you just need to add your URL and validate.

Please check product validation guide.


Brilliant, that worked! Just for future reference, what is the correct order in which to deactivate or transfer to a live install?

Hi Phill,

You will just need to unlock the license if you want to transfer a license from one themeco account to another.

If you aim to change the domain associated with the license, you can just change the domain name associated with the domain in your licenses page then use the license to validate the site.

Hope this helps.

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