License Verification for multiple extensions

I was told that my X theme purchase could be used to upload to multiple sites as long as the sites had the same name but different extensions, ie .com, .net, .org. However, when I tried to verify it in .net (it was already verified in .com) it stated that it had already been verified and was in use on a different site. Can I use it from multiple extensions?


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I am not quite sure where you get that information but please note that for each unique URL you need to purchase a fresh licence. More information can be found on product validation page:


Thanks for getting back to me. I’m building a new site for the same company. Right now it is and I"m building Once I’m done building it we are going to switch the .net files to the .com. In the situation, is there a way to use my previous license for the new one which will soon be the same one?

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If you plan to move the website from on domain to another then in that case there is no need to purchase additional licence. Under licence manager page you just need to update the URL that’s assigned to the X licence.


How do I get to this?

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You can access the licence manager using below URL:


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