License question for xtheme

I have a regular license for x theme. It’s activated on my active site right now. I’m rebuilding the site on a child them in a staging platform as it’s easier to test for plugin issues and so on. It’s telling me on the staging site that the xtheme isn’t registered and enter my key. If I do it’s saying I can revoke it from the live site. If I do this what will happen to the live site? Or can I keep building on the staging platform without it activated then when I move the new site over activate it? Hopefully you can give me some guidance on this.

Thanks Rob

Hey Rob,

Your license can be activate for 1 live version and 1 staging version of your site. For more details, please see Product Validation.

I checked your assigned sites and you have not assigned a staging domain yet. Please assign your staging domain and provided there’s no connection issues, it your staging site should be validated.

You can use X in staging without validation however, you will not get the convenience of auto-updates.

Hope that helps.

Great thank you. Silly question but how do assign a staging domain. I know it’s on my subdomain.

Thanks Rob

Hi @Rob_G33,

In the screenshot provided by @christian_y, you’ll see a pen icon beside an input field for Staging. Please assign your staging URL there (eg. but with your URL).

Then validate the same license in your staging’s admin.


Thank you :blush:

You are welcome :slight_smile:

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