Licence won't validate

I can’t validate my licence to this domain:
It keeps giving me error. What can I do to fix this?

Hi There,

Thanks for writing in!
Can you please swap the URL? like, put the URL to the live and other URL to your staging.

If that doesn’t help Please send us your login details to check what could be the issue.


I tried but I still get the same error :confused:

Hi dsweetz,

Unfortunately, the given login information is not working for me and I could not access your website to check. I suggest that you follow this troubleshooting guide and contact your hosting service provider to make sure that there is no connection problem with our server.

Also, I suggest that you delete the theme folder and try to install the latest version manually.

Thank you.

I updated secure note.


I deactivated all the plugins and tried to reactivate licence and it worked!

Glad to hear it’s sorted.


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