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Greetings! I’m a newbie. I’m trying to understand the basics of the support area, KB and forums. Am I seeing this correctly in that as I go page by page through the KB section for Cornerstone for example on this page and get taken to a sub-page, there is no way to go to the next page in the KB list without using the breadcrumbs? If I do that them I’m taken to the top of the KB page and have to scroll back down to the list of pages I’m working through learning? The usability is so poor here. Keep in mind that I am at that stage where I’m like, hey, do I even trust this theme? what is Cornerstone all about. Is it too much. Should I chuck the whole thing and look for a better theme? When I see usability things like this I don’t get warm and fuzzies.


P.S. I’ve been looking for 45 mins now and still can’t find out where to take an existing page with a blog side bar and hide it. The help says it’s in the Cornerstone settings menus somewhere but I can’t find it. Things are oh so different in this content.

Hi Rich,

Thank you for writing in and sorry for hustle, we are actually in the process of rebuilding our site and the Knowledge Base is actually a major drive for that. For now, your best option is to bookmark the Knowledge Base Overview page and open the article that you want to read on in a new tab.

To remove the page sidebar, please use a page template that is prefixed with Blank - No Container or Blank - Container.

To see the page settings click the cog icon that is on the lower-left of the Content Builder/Cornerstone.

Hope it helps,

Great. Thank you!

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

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