Layout that Includes Two Custom Post Types and Filters

I’m attempting to create either a layout that will display posts from 2 custom post types (Summer Programs and Year Round Programs) and then filter those post types based on some basic taxonomies and custom fields.

Visual of what I’m trying to achieve. I’m trying to mimic this in Pro Layout.

My question is:

  1. How do I feed 2 custom post types into a feed on an Archive layout?
  2. How do I add filters like the ones in the sidebar here? Do you have an out of box solution or third-party plugin solution that will work with Pro Layout?

I’m looking to filter by these fields:

  1. Grade (custom field dropdown selection)
  2. Interests (custom taxonomy)
  3. Dates (custom taxonomy)
  4. Time of Day (custom taxonomy)

Hello @santosfel5,

Thanks for writing in!

The example URL is not an archive. It is a normal page with the default page template that displays the custom post types. You can achieve this in your site as well. You just have to create a normal page with Looper Provider to load the custom post types that you want to display.

As for the sort and filter button on the sidebar, you can display them using the Looper Provider as well. In order for the buttons to work with the Looper Provider in the right side, you may need to check out this video tutorial:

Hope this helps.

@ruenel Thank you for this information.

  1. So what settings would I need in my looper provider for giving two custom post types?
  2. I’ve created filters using this video you shared before. It is limited though as it doesn’t integrate ajax or checkboxes. It would be nice if at some point in the future that the team themselves puts out a video showing a series of potential filters to use with posts in an ajax format.

Hey @santosfel5,

You need to use the Query String Looper Provider to have two custom post types in a single loop. You can check this documentation.

And also, you can check this trick on how you can create your query string.

Hope that helps.

@marc_a Thank you for your help!

You are most welcome, @santosfel5.

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