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Each time I use Layout builder (both archive and single), after a couple of actions (changing colour, text, etc) cornerstone crashes. By refreshing the browser I get a browser error (bellow) and have to go back to wp backend.

Not Found. The requested URL was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an Error. Document to handle the request.

I have everything up to date (wp, theme, plugins, PHP, server memory) and it was working fine not a long ago.

Any tips?

Hello @CulturalInfusion,

Thanks for writing in!

First, go to Settings > Permalinks and select your permalink setting other than “Plain”.

  • see the secure note

Kindly let us know how it goes.

Hi @ruenel,

I don´t know what the permalink as to do with the crash, but anyway i did what you suggested and it still crashes.
Let me try to be more specific. I can open and edit the Layout builder (archive or single) but it crashes after a while.
There´s a specific action that crashes all the time, so please try to replicate to see if it happens to you as well.
Layout Builder > Archive: Go to the Post pagination element (at the bottom) and try to change the background colour of the items.

Let me know how it goes.

Hey @CulturalInfusion,

I also experience the issue you’ve experienced when changing the background colors of the post pagination. I suggest reinstalling the theme because it might be corrupted. You can also check your site health because there are some missing PHP modules.

Hope that helps.

Hi @marc_a

I reinstalled the theme (Pro and child) and the issue persists.
There´s one optional PHP module to install, which I will do and hopefully it can solve this.

Hi @CulturalInfusion,

Please let us know if you face the same issue even after installing that PHP module.


Hi @tristup,

Module installed and same problem.

What’s next?

Hello @CulturalInfusion,

I am another staff checking in and I edited your custom archive layout. I did not encounter any issues and I have successfully changed the color of the Pagination element.

Please make sure to clear your plugin caches, browser cache or use private browsing mode before testing the site again.

  • See the secure note below.

Best Regards.

Hi @ruenel

Care to explain how you did it?
I tried with cleaning cache, private mode, different browsers and i keep on having the same problem.

Hi @CulturalInfusion,

I have also checked your Archive and Single page by modifying the color and other texts temporarily and it worked perfectly fine. If you are still getting the issue, I would request you make a screencasting video to understand what exactly happens at your end.


Hi @tristup

Here´s a video (secure note) of two issues when editing the archive.

Hey @CulturalInfusion,

Thanks for providing a video. I experienced the issue. I copied your setup to my test site and the issue couldn’t be replicated. I suspect the cause of the issue is server related. It’s not performance related, but rather, there could be a setting that is causing this issue. Please try copying your site to a different server. There are free-to-test hosts like

Also, if you have installed WordPress or Pro via non-standard installation like via a package manager, this might also play a role. If this is the case, please try removing the package managers or reinstall everything using standard WordPress installation.

Regretfully, we cannot fix the issue in your server.


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