LayerSlider WP not loading on homepage, and homepage won't load in Cornerstone

Everything was working before an update. The slider will load on a blank page but not on the homepage.

When I try to open the homepage in cornerstone it just endlessly spins.

Hi @spud1114,

Thank you for reaching out to us. I checked your homepage and there is a JavaScript error which is breaking the LayerSlider on your homepage. I see you’ve added a <script> in the Content JS of your homepage which is triggering an error. Please note that you don’t need to include the <script></script> tags in the JS section because they are already included and if you add those tags it will trigger an error and will break the JS functionality.


Please edit your homepage in Cornerstone and remove the script from Content JS and save the page. This should also fix the Cornerstone loading issue.

If the issue persists then please follow the troubleshooting steps here

Let us know how this goes!