Last Updated (6.4.6) crashed my site - Please urgent help!


the last Update (6.4.6) of the plugin I just installed somehow crashed my side. Could you please check my page:

It doesn’t show the content but only the codes of it. Please urgent help because I need my site to be online for my clients.

Thanks in advanced.

Best Regards

Alright, I fixed myself…
thank you anyways.

Glad to hear that. :slight_smile:

But one question I still have.

In my footer the social media icons are not showing, do you know why?

Hi Baauer,

I still see that you’re using X v6.4.5 and Cornerstone v3.4.5.

Could you please try disabling your CSS/JavaScript minifications, then purge your server cache and see if that resolves your issue.

If you’re still having issues, provide us with your WordPress login credentials in a secure note to check your issue further.



alright, thank you for your advice but how can I disable my CSS/JavaScript again?



Hello Henning,

Thanks for updating the thread.

Looks like you are using WP Rocket as cache plugin. To disable minification, please take a look at following tutorial and scroll to File Optimization section and uncheck the minification option.



I disabled the CSS/JavaScript but still nothing happened.

Is there any other options I can take?

Hi Henning,

I still see the old version numbers on your site, as I have mentioned above.

Could you please try to installing and running Transient Cleaner ( and re-test your issues again.

1. Install Transient Cleaner
2. Navigate Dashboard -> Tools -> Transients
3. Set Clear Expired Transients -> Enable
3. Set Clear Expired Transients -> Clean Now
5. Set Remove All Transients -> Enable
6. Set Remove All Transients -> Optimize Afterwards
7. Set Remove All Transients -> Clean Now
8. Save Changes
9. Recheck those problematic pages

If not, we require your login credentials in a secure note to investigate this issue further.



thanks, well I can update the theme but I am affraid of crashing my page again.

what does the plugin do exactly?

Hi Henning,

As the plugin name suggests, it is used to clean Wordpress Transients which are a way to cache information. Transients are a form of caching that takes place on the server, as opposed to browser caching.

Another option would be to setup a staging site and do the update from there so that your live site will not be affected in case you encounter some issue after updating.

Here are some search results on how to setup a staging site:

In case you are not certain how to proceed, you might want to check with your web host and ask them if they can help you with the staging site.

Let us know how it goes.


thank you for your help. I just installed the plugin now and was doing the settings as you told me but that didn’t made any changes so far.

Even though I now updated the theme X and the Cornerstone as well.

But still my icons don’t get shown…

Is there anything else I could do to make it work proper again?

Thank you!

Best regards

Hi There,

The FontAwesome files are returning the 404 error right now:

Please install this plugin, then find all the URLs and replace with:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


alright so should I select all tables or which one in particular do I have to select?

Well, an how can I change the once which are found. Do I need to buy the pro version of the plugin to to so?

Hi There,

Please select all the tables.

It should be automatic. The free version is enough.



I did try it, selected all the tables and the only thing it does is showing me how much it was found.
But I think it won’t put the right link in.

So therefore nothing changed so far.

Hey @Baauer,

Please first check if woff and woff2 aren’t blocked by your server or web host. You can read a similar case in this article.

If that does not help, please try re-installing the theme by switching to the default WordPress theme and installing a fresh copy X you can download from your Dashboard.

If that still does not help, please give us WordPress Admin and FTP access in a Secure Note.



thank you for your advice. However I just found out, that if I go to the customizer the icons in the Footer will be shown. See my screenshot.


Hi There,

Please contact to your hosting provider completely turn off the server cache.

Because the FontAwesome source files are still loading over the old URLs:



I just got an responds from my provider and they told me that they can’t support such individual thinks like that.

Best regards