Just purchased, install not working

I just purchased X and tried to install it on SiteGround. I’m getting an error saying the style.css is missing in the .zip file I got. Please advise. Thanks!

Hi @morebusinesscom,

This error, The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet means you’re not using the correct zip file to install X theme. When you download the initial zip file from Envato, make sure to unzip it and get x.zip file to install your theme.

Let us know how it goes.


Thanks! That worked. How do I remove the “powered by X” line at the bottom?

Hi there,

Please go to X > Launch > Options > Footer > Footer Content.

Hope this helps.

Thank you. One more question: I currently installed it on a site that I’m not sure we’re going to keep (ie., we may change domain names). How would I go about uninstalling the license key for this domain and enabling it on the one we pick as the final domain?

I’m basically using this domain as a place holder while I build the site, then plan to transfer it to our final domain once that is finalized.

Hi There,

Please follow this post, read the Un-assigning a site section.

Hope it helps,