Just bought Pro...confused and disappointed...what am I missing :-)

Hi There Sorry but I just bought pro. I was under the impression that it had cool innovative interface for site building and I hoped there would be some kind of tutorial. I couldn’t wait to get to it but all I see is the usual not very helpful WP “customizer” and no tutorial or anything. I don’t have specific questions yet, I just want a good tour and basic tutorial to get me started . The get started page here doesn’t seem to have any useful information. I am really disappointed and hoping that I am missing something very obvious. Am I supposed to install cornerstone??? is that the builder? I am just really bummed at what I have seen so far and really hoping that I am just totally wrong and there are in fact comprehensive tutorials and a an easier way to work/better interface. Also 4 stacks? that seems pretty paltry…do I have to use stacks? the 4 default ones don’t seem very interesting. . I am just really confused about what I bought.

Hello @ngolay,

Thanks for reaching out to us regarding the confusions and questions you have. :slight_smile:

Let me try to address your questions one at a time and the need for launching Pro Theme:

  1. Why Pro Theme and purpose behind launching Pro: One of the primary reason of launching Pro is to provide users additional, flexible, and at the same time powerful tools that they can use to develop websites. One of the common problems being faced by users is that most of the time there website has same header and footer. Even if user want to have a different header for specific page/post they are not able to design the same because underline platform is limited in terms of the flexibility. There for we decided to solve this problem by launching Pro and in comes Header and Footer builder. Pro Theme’s Header and Footer builder gives you the ability to design global or page/post specific unique header and footer. You can read more on our Pro Theme launch blog post. https://theme.co/blog/say-hello-to-x-five-and-pro-one/

  2. Customizer: Pro Theme has it own Theme Options panel that can be access from Pro > Launch > Theme Options. You can pretty much control and make broad level changes from Theme Options panel.

  3. Tutorials: We have published in depth articles and videos in our knowledgebase to help you get started with Pro Theme. https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/pro-header-and-footer-builder-introduction/103

  4. Pro page builder: You don’t need to install Cornerstone in Pro. Pro Theme has its own page builder tool that you can use to design page/post layouts. The concept and login remains same as using Cornerstone page builder.

  5. Stacks: Those stacks are there to provide you a barebone template to help you get started with the development. Pro comes with Header, Footer, and it’s own page builder tool that you can use to design and develop unique at the same time engaging layouts.

  6. For some inspiration you can also visit our showcase section wherein we have compiled user submitted websites designed using Pro and X Theme. https://theme.co/x/showcase/

If you have additional questions/queries please let us know. We’ll be glad to assit you further.


yes the custom header and footer were what attracted me as well as the builder interface which so far I have not found but maybe I was just expecting something else. I think the header section has more of what I was looking for I finally found it. I was just hoping for a real overview tutorial not this piecmeal stuff. If you don’t know what to ask you can’t find the answers. But thanks for your reply. Cheers N

Hey There,

Please check out this tutorial videos:

For more other videos, please check it here:

THanks I will have a look. I am not actually conerned about the headers or footers, those I understand , I just don’t know how to approach ithis theme in general. The stacks show really weird stuff , they’re ugly and I just want to get rid of everything so I can work. Even though I have deleted all of my previous content from my other site. They display HUGGGGGGGGGGEEEEE lettring that says something like BLOG and then there are graphic elements or gradients and some other stuff I can’t get rid of except by changing the stack to another ugly thing. WHen I originally had not deleted everything I set it up as fullscreen but I still had a sidebar, I don’t want any sidebars especially on the home page. I want more a of one-page layout. The the only place I may want a sidebar is in the blog …maybe. And now the under construction plugin doesn’t seem to work although that might just be something I am failing to understand also.I believe I have done the necessary, I activated it and put in the info but I have no idea how to display it so my homepage is an ugly stack with Humongous lettering that bears no onnection apprently to the default type size that I have set. So it is all a mystery that is going to take forever and I don’t have time.

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in!

1.) The best you can do to learn more about the theme and its functions is to check out our knowledge base:

2.) If you want to remove or delete something, please make a screenshot and highlight or illustrate which one you want to do so that we will have some ideas of what you will do with your site.

3.) The huge text headings can be adjusted if you go to X > Launch > Options > Typography

4.) To have a fullwidth page and with no sidebar, you will have to set your global layout settings in X > Launch > Options > Layout & Design > Content Layout as “Content Left, Sidebar Right” or “Sidebar Left, Content Right” first so that the blog and the blog posts will have a sidebar. For fullwidth pages, you will have to change the page templates to Layout - Fullwidth or Blank Container page templates. To know more about page templates, please check this out:

5.) To know more about one page navigation layout, please check this out:

6.) We would be happy to assist you in anyways. Please provide the url of your site and we can change or guide you through the settings in the theme.

By the way, please understand that X theme is for beginners and intermediate users. Pro theme is more on for intermediate and advanced users like designers and developers.

Hope this helps.