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Hello X Team, I am building a site for some cabin rentals and am trying to include the booking script widget below:

I’ve tried it using raw content and the text elements, and it shows up okay, but any way I try, if affects the way my other headers and text appears on the page. See all other pages as a comparison. What Can I do to prevent this from happening? More information to come…

And the widget is only showing up in the first spot I placed it in, not by the other properties I placed it by…

Hi Bluetroop,

I already fixed your issue about the heading and text by adding some CSS code on that accommodations page, the reason why it breaks the layout because the widget JS is forcing to change the CSS code. Regarding the widget is only showing up in the first spot, the reason behind it is that only one instance is allowed on that page for your widget JS code.

I hope it helps fixing your issues.

Thank you.

I removed the CSS code because I’m not going to use that widget anymore, but my styling (text and headers) is still messed up on each page. Plus I cannot see the Essential Grid thumbnails on the Accommodations page. How do I fix this?

Hey @bluetroop2,

You haven’t removed the widget that is containing the script that is adding its own text styles. I deactivated the Header Widget Areas so the script won’t get loaded in the page and that fixed the issue. Please contact the script provider to fix their code.


Hope that helps.

Thank you, it brought the text and header styles back, but we I reactivated the plug-ins, I still cannot see the thumbnails on the Essential Grid galleries I created… http://thevenue.bluetroop.com/accommodations/. Can you look at this?

Hello @bluetroop2,

I suggest that you will upgrade your PHP version when I checked your website your current PHP version is 5.6.30. Try to upgrade to 7.2 up. I hope it will help to solve your issue.

Thank you.

I upgraded all the way to 7.3, the thumbs are still showing as gray boxes…


Hey @bluetroop2,

I went ahead and disabled the Lazy Load feature of the Smush plugin and now all of your images are back. Upon checking, the lazy loading was conflicting with the Essential Grid gallery images, turning it off fixed the issue.

Please clear your browser’s cache and check your pages now. Cheers!

Thank you for your help!


It’s our pleasure to help you.

Thank you.

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