Issues with Slider and Search

Hello, my search toggle does not seem to be working properly as the dropdown will not show up any more. Also there are strange dots with arrows that are being displayed under the left side of my slider on the homepage. Do you know what could be causing this?

I believe it’s a conflict with WP rocket. Any idea what setting could be causing that issue? Lazy load perhaps?

CSS or JS minification usually causes issues when I’ve used WP Rocket - just disable them one by one to see which it is!

Thanks, WP Rocket seems to cause more issues than it solves.

Hi John,

Try to clear the WP Rocket cache first. If the issue then you need to configure your WP Rocket, you might need to exclude the plugins that are causing the issue from being minified. You can identify which plugin is causing the error when minified by doing a testing for a plugin conflict