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I’m writing as a last ditch effort to see if it is possible to get the Siteground Staging site functioning properly. I can’t edit my staging site because of the front end conflict. I know this issue is known. I’ve already contacted Siteground and they were aware and unable to resolve it. I wondered if there was a work around at all. I saw a couple other entries in the forum, but am writing to make sure that all variables are mine and not someone else’s. This is the error I get when editing. Credentials to follow in the next message. Thanks in advance.

Hello Mary,

Thanks for writing in! This is known that Siteground block the required resources from being loaded. The Cornerstone preview needs to use the site URL settings and SiteGround is using a redirect. We need to force the staging site url to have the same dashboard url. To do that, please login to your ftp, browse to the folder of your staging site and edit the wp-config.php file. You will need to add this lines:

define('WP_SITEURL',''); needs to be replace with your own domain name.

Hope this helps. Kindly let us know if this has worked out for you.

Thanks - Could you explain exactly how I do this? I’m not familiar with these types of changes.


Please check video below on how to edit your wp-config.php file

Kindly note that you don’t need to change anything, you just need to add these lines.



This is vaguely useful, as this doesn’t show how to navigate there. I think I found it though.

Does the code get added at the beginning or the end?

Don’t I have to upload the changed file when this is complete? That is not discussed in this video.

Hi There,

I recommend you to use the FileZilla application, you can edit the file directly:


Could you please answer what I asked though:

Does the code get added at the beginning or the end?
If I use the first method, don’t I have to upload the changed file when complete?

Hi Mary,

You may add the code in the end of the file.

Let us know how it goes…

So I was able to add the code in the staging site, which fixed the error above. However each time the changes on the staging site are pushed to live, the php from the staging site is also changed on the live site causing the live site to show an error because of too many redirects. When I go back in to the live site php and remove those lines, the site works and reflects the changes I made. How do I avoid this?

In addition, the staging site to view the changes before publishing is showing a redirect error.

Hi Mary,

Did you try purging full cache before testing? You can refer to the following resource here ( If you’re still having issues, you can also try disabling you caching plugin while testing.

Since this is a known issue with Siteground as you can see it here (, check the heading “Seeing the error in a SiteGround staging environment”, I would suggest you to contact your hosting provider for further troubleshooting.

Let us know how it goes.

Just switched from Godaddy to Siteground. Never would’ve imagined they would have a conflict with X Pro. Of course, I’m having the same issues and I currently have an open ticket with senior tech experts. I will see how it goes. If they fix it, I will try to post whatever they did or tell me here.

Response was:
This is happening due to how the staging environment works essentially.

Usually, if it was not a staging copy, the solution with:

Would be applicable. But in this case, it is not (as it gets the whole site in a redirect loop).

What I can suggest is to clone the application separately onto a different subdomain (for instance) - without using the staging tool for you. Then you can make the necessary changes via the X PRO builder. Or my other suggestion would be to try and use a different builder for the staging copy, which would not have the same issue.

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So I guess nothing can be done if you have your domain with siteground can it?


With the way their staging works, I am sorry to say that it’s not possible.

But as suggested you can create your own staging site in a subdomain, you can use this third party plugin to make one.

Hope that helps

If I was to do that then I would be able to use the PRO theme?

Hello @Bellyhorse,

Thanks for updating the thread.

Yes, you can use Pro Theme on staging server. To validate the same all that needs to be done is add the staging URL in licence manager staging.

To learn more please take a look at our validation guide:


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