Issue with X Theme Validation

Hi there, I am having an issue with validating the x theme code I purchased. I successfully registered the code on my apex acct and added the URL of the site to register it. I’ve never received this error message before…Thoughts?

Hello @RPGraphicDesignStudi,

Thanks for writing in!

There are multiple licenses on your account, so it’ a bit difficult for us to take a closer look. However, looking at the error message you are getting, it looks like you are trying to validate a Cornerstone setup with an X Theme purchase code. Please note that you can’t use X Theme licence to validate standalone Cornerstone instance. For that you need to purchase a different Cornerstone licence from Codecanyon.

Having said that please share the website URL you are trying to validate for us to take a closer look.


Hi there-- the URL is I am wondering because I haven’t activated the X child theme that’s causing the issue? Because if that’s activated, doesn’t Cornerstone come with it as an extension?

Hi @RPGraphicDesignStudi,

That should not matter since you should still be able to validate your theme installation even if you have the parent theme active on the site.

However, kindly make sure that you have X active on the site because if you are using a different theme and you try to validate Cornerstone using an X license, it will not work because there are standalone licenses for Cornerstone that you can use to validate Cornerstone while using a different theme.

Hope this helps.

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