Issue with images not showing and links not working

Hello, I have recently added a few pages and reconstructed some parts of pages. However, I have images that are not showing up and links that are not goign to the proper pages.

Example: on my home page there should be an image for a Wellness Guide right after the top slider image. Also, the button “Yes, I want to feel amazing” take you to a ConverKit landing page but I have changed that and it is supposed to lead to this page:

I also have images not showing up on this page:

I’m sure there are more images not loadaing as well.

I have cleared my cache, and removed and reloaded the images. nothign is working.

Hello @LeahVachani,

Thanks for writing in! It seems that you are experiencing caching issue. Since you have installed a caching plugin WP Fastest Cache, please clear your plugin cache before testing your site. This can cause the changes to not take place on the front end. It will eventually show up when the cache regenerates, but it’s not ideal if you’re looking to see your changes immediately. Caching plugins are best to turn on only when you’ve finished building the site. And if you have any site changes, you must clear the cache as well before testing the site.

Hope this helps. Kindly let us know.

So I had cleared all my caches after making the changes. Should I delete and reinstall the plugin?

Hello @LeahVachani,

Please temporarily deactivate your caching plugin and test your site again.

And by the way, please make sure that those images exist in your server. It may have been removed or corrupted. The last time I check, the image does not exist:

If still not showing and working, please provide us access of your site in a secure note so that we can check it.
To know how to create a secure note, please check this out:

Best Regards.

OK, I will reply here first and then send a secure link with access.

I have reuploaded the image in Cornerstone and checked that it is in my media library - although it does say “unattached” but so do all the images that I upload only through Cornerstone…

This what I see in Cornerstone:

This is what I see on my incognito window:

As you can see, even the text under “FREE WELLNESS GUIDE” is different. It’s as if none of the changes I make in Cornerstone are taking effect.

Also, I did already deactivate WP Fastest Cache

Hello Leah,

Though you already deactivate WP Fastest Cache, there is still another caching mechanism in your site which can be found in Settings > General > Endurance Cache. I have set it Off as of this moment.

Please check your site again.

I think this issue is fixed now. Is it recommended to reactivate the Endurance Cache?

Should I also reactivate WP Fastest Cache? Is it better to use both?

Thank you for the great advice and help!

Hi There,

You should use only one cache system/plugin per website.

In this case, please reactivate the Endurance Cache, it seems the cache plugins activated by your hosting.


Thank you. Do you recommend a certain level for the Endurance Cache?

Hey Leah,

I’m sorry but we do not have a recommendation specific for Endurance Cache. We have a performance guide here:


WordPress optimization differs from site to site. There is a general guide but there is no one size fits all solution. This is why if the article does not help, you will need to consult with a website optimization professional.


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