Issue with essential grid and cornerstone not working properly

I have opened a ticket with CF and they have told me they currently have no way to go around this authentication issue. I don’t know how your other CF situations are working. CF is going to work on it.

In the meantime, if you can provide an email address I could set up a forward that would send the authentication to that address automatically.

Hi there,

We can’t provide emails and another support may handle your thread too. And that would be a lot of emails so you could just forward it to all of us. How about this, before going further, would you mind turning off or removing CF from your site’s just to confirm that your primary issues are due to CloudFlare? You have to remove CF’s nameservers from your domain to completely turn it off, but you can set it back once we’re done with testing. We just need to make sure that there is no cache involve while testing.


I would setup a gmail filter that would just forward the authentication email, nothing else.

Wouldn’t changing nameservers result in a lengthy disruption of my website traffic? Like, it would be offline until the nameservers resolve, which can take up to 24-48 hours?

Hi there,

That is correct the nameservers may take that much time to resolve, but unfortunately that is the only way to make sure the problem is from CloudFlare or not.

Another alternative would be to move your website to a staging server without CF and test the case.

Thank you.

Ok, both of these options introduce problems for me. I’ve read elsewhere in the forum that my host apparently doesn’t work well with X in a development setting. Siteground.

As a potential alternate lead, could you check out my essential grid skins? If you go to page 5 & 6 in the presets, most of the skin previews appear to be broken as well, they show classes and other code.

Hi there,

I checked pages 5 and 6 skins and they are working okay. The code you’re seeing there are placeholders, it’s where the information is displayed from the assigned source. Since it’s just displaying the skins then there is no data to display.

And yes, X and SiteGround have issues with permalinks when moving from and to staging, and also with caches.


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