Issue validating X-theme


I was using the x-theme initially locally. I since moved it over to a .net URL. All of that worked without issue. Now that I’m moving it to my .com domain I am having validation issues. I’ve tried to just input it through the licenses tab here but have had no such luck. And when I submit it through the x dashboard nothing is happening. I’m getting a google maps api warning right now in the console on submission, which is odd. But before I was getting some sort of socket error.

Hi There,

Thank you for writing in, please navigate to your Licenses page and re-assign your purchased code (license) to its respective site (your new URL)

Then on the X > Overview revoke your validation, and revalidate your site again.


Make sure that your X and Cornerstone is compatible/updated.

If this does not work, try deactivating all your plugin except Cornerstone then re-validate your site.

Product Validation

Let us know how it goes,

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