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I am facing an issue with the plugin - Cornerstone. I have update the WordPress version 5.0.3, as well update the Cornerstone plugin. Before updating these all is working fine but after updation when I edit a page which is made by cornerstone, front end is working fine. I get the output as desired.
But when I edit back end of the page with Cornerstone I can’t access the full page. just got the footer section and all above section of this page is vanished as well layout editor is not working.

Hello @filippkotlyar,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

I checked the website’s that’s listed in your licence page and the Production URL is using old version of X Theme and Cornerstone. However, in the ticket you have mentioned that Cornerstone has been updated to the latest version. Upon checking the staging URL I can confirm that the staging website is using latest version of Cornerstone.

However, I can also see that staging website is using old version of X Theme 4.6.4 which is incompatible with the Cornerstone version you have on the website. In that regards, please update X Theme to the latest version 6.4.6 to avoid any compatibility issues.

You can refer following resources to update.


Hi @Prasant,

I have updated the Wordpress version and cornerstone plugin and X theme to a newer version as well as per your instructions but after updating the stuff, my website got collapsed. My website CSS, JS files stopped working and cornerstone plugin stopped working as well. Please help me how can I fix the issues I am facing?

I have tested 3 things while updating the theme and plugins:

1: Update Wordpress/ old cornerstone/ old Xtheme => front end working fine but I am unable to edit with cornerstone editor because the editor is not visible in the backend.

2: Update Wordpress/ updated cornerstone/ old Xtheme => front end working fine but I am unable to edit with cornerstone because its visible but editor is not working in the backend.

3: Update Wordpress/ updated cornerstone/ updated X theme => website got collapsed, I can’t even edit the cornerstone and all the files of CSS and JS are available but it’s not working and might be due to the confliction.


Hi @flipper20009,

it seems you revert both your live site and staging site to the previous version. Updating from X4 (Cornerstone v1) to X6 (Cornerstone v3) is kind of a long jump, so expect some set back after the updates, good thing you have a staging site though to do your updating there first, this way your live site will be running while we troubleshoot what is happening to your staging site after the update.

You can check all the changes, added features, and bug fixes from your current version to the latest version on our Changelog page page.

Before you start updating please CLEAR and DEACTIVATE all your caching plugins (e.g. W3 Total Cache, SG Optimizer, etc) including the server-side caching and CND caching (e.g. CloudFlare, SuperCacher, etc…). This will help us avoid any potential caching related errors.

The first thing to update is the WordPress itself.

Updating WordPress

Next is the theme, but since you mentioned above that updating the theme puts your site down, I advise that you deactivate all the plugins first (including all that comes from X) before you attempt updating the theme again.

Since the automatic update might not work because your X and Cornerstone is outdated, please follow the Manual X Update Via FTP guide method in the article below.

Updating Your Themes and Plugins

After you successfully updated the X, we need to update the Cornerstone. with the latest X installed, updating the Cornerstone should be easy. On your admin dashboard navigate to Plugins panel, deactivate and delete the current Cornerstone. Then still on the admin dashboard navigate to X > Validation wait for a few seconds and X will automatically re-install a compatible version of Cornerstone (latest X, latest Cornerstone).

After you successfully update X and Cornerstone, then re-validate your X theme. This is to make sure that you can re-install the latest version of Extensions in the next step.

Product Validation

Then to update the Extensions to the latest versions, that are supported by the latest theme and Wordpress:

- Ensure your theme is validated so Extensions can be installed automatically
- Deactivate and delete the extensions, from the plugins panel.
- On the X > Validation > Extensions, locate and re-install the extensions that you need.
- Visit "Plugins" panel in your Dashboard to activate the newly installed version.

Because all of the plugin settings are stored in the database, and because version 2.x will migrate settings from older versions, its safe to use this method of deleting the previous version.

After that update all your 3rd party plugins.

How to Properly Update WordPress Plugins (Step by Step)

Then activate your plugins one by one and see if something is causing an error.

Since you’re using Visual Composer on your site, please do this additional step. Navigate to WPBakery Page Builder Settings > General Settings and make sure “Legacy X Integration” is enabled.

Again please clear all caches (plugin, server-side, CDN, and browser’s cache) after updating so that the code from the latest release is always in use. This will help you to avoid any potential errors.

Follow this guide and your site should be fine, but do this on staging site first, not on live site.

Let us know how it goes,

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