Is there a way to change accordian width?

How do I go about changing the width of the accordian i would like the accordian element to be smaller

Hi George,

Thank you for reaching out to us. You can change the width of an Accordion element under Setup when you inspect the Accordion element in Cornerstone/Content Builder (see screenshot)


Hope this helps!

Does this change the content size as well I am attempting to have accordian 1 size and the content full width

Also where in Pro is this found

Hello George,

The settings suggested in the previous response will set the width of the whole element. Regretfully there isn’t an option that you can set the accordion header and the accordion item content separately. And yes, all the Cornerstone elements such as the Accordion element can also be found in the Pro theme.

Best Regards.

Good to know thanks. I may go a different route than then using accordian

You’re welcome, @monger.