Is there a tutorial article (text/images) that describes the site design process from start to finish in Theme X 6.2.5?

I can’t find any tutorial that gives a good overview. Is there a general tutorial for new users of the software that looks like the current interface?

Hello Phillip,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

We are in the process of updating our KB and to a large extent we have updated the tutorials. However, I do agree that the videos needs to be updated. That being said, the logic and basic fundamentals remains the same. In that regards, I suggest you to please take a look at our KB articles to get started with X Theme.

You can also take a look at following videos:


I’m not looking for a video but a single, basic instruction manual for using this product with images that portray the existing interface. Does that exist?

Hello @phillo12345,

Thanks for updating the thread.

As of now we are in the process of updating the KB resources. So, all the articles are undergoing updating (to an extent we have updated articles) that will include screenshots and videos using the latest version of theme. As of now what you are looking for is work in progress and we hope to release the updated articles, screenshots and videos soon.

Thanks for understanding.

Thanks for the links I’ll use the available documentation and be on the lookout for updates.

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

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