Is there a good video beginners guide for Pro?

I can only find this, but I would like a comprehensive guide that explains the whole concept. The Inspector is not very intuitive for me at least. Thought it would be easy to edit in there, but it’s not.

Sadly the word “Pro” is not unique and searching for “Pro” is hopeless since you get results that are not related to you “Pro”.
You should come up with a better name.

Do anyone know of courses on Udemy or Stackskill’s covering “Pro”. Again it’s hopeless to search there for “Pro”.


Please note that X and PRO are basically the same. PRO has just additional features like the Header and Footer Builder

But everything that is in are still applicable to PRO.


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Thanks. It’s nice to know.

An addition question.

Some websites have content “flying” in when you scroll down. How do I archive that with Pro (or X)?

Found it. Fade in on a column.

Hi @Breum,

You mean the content docking? You could do that by installing the bundled content dock plugin. Please check this


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Hi @Rad

No I meant static content fly in when you scroll down the page. (not popup fly in)

Anyway the popup content dock fly in is also great to know about.

Hi @Breum

Currently there’s no such feature offered in X theme. There could be plugins in WordPress repository which has similar functionality.


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Hi @mldarshana

Okay thanks, but a good enough feature I found was on a Section->Column. There I can flip the “Fade in” button and set the fade in time and animation offset. It one works the first time I scroll down though.

Glad you’ve found it. :slight_smile:

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